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The following Puppy Questionnaire is meant to work in two ways. First, we want to place our puppies in a loving home,where he/she will enjoy a long and happy life. Secondly, we want you to have the perfect puppy 

to suit your needs and expectations, such that you will be a satisfied Golden Owner, with a longtime companion. Please fill out the form completely. If your system will allow, please send by return e-mail; if not, please copy and paste into a new e-mail and return to:

Falkinburg Golden Retriever Pet Quality Puppies are $2,700.00, dependent upon whelping costs.  

Serious inquires only. Thank you. 

Please read and sign to acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of the information below.

*Falkinburg Pet Goldens are sold on a spay/neuter/vasectomy contract only, NO EXCEPTIONS. As such, the dog/bitch will not be bred.  

*Falkinburg Pet Goldens are sold with Limited Registration. This means they are eligible for all AKC events except Conformation.

*AKC Limited Registration will be provided upon proof of spaying (within 1 year) /neutering/vasectomizing (between 12-18 months) from a Certified Vet or Vet Facility. Please send a copy within 12/18 months. Spaying, neutering, or vasectomizing of a Falkinburg Golden Companion Puppy is mandatory per Contract. Strictly enforced!

*Following a successful visit to Falkinburg Goldens, and a puppy is promised, a Down Payment of $200.00 is expected. Down payments will not be refunded for a reserved puppy, due to the buyer’s choice. One/half of the total puppy payment is required when the litter is born, with the balance due upon receipt of the puppy.​

*Should a puppy not result from the expected breeding within one year of the Down Payment, the buyer has the right to a full refund of payment made or the option to wait for a future breeding to occur (approximately 6 months from initial date).

*Falkinburg Goldens use only dogs with full medical clearance to include: hips, elbows, eyes, and heart, for breeding. Please find parent clearances at OFA and/or It is our intent to sell only healthy, structurally correct puppies, that exhibit true Golden Temperament and Characteristics.

*The owner is expected to take their new puppy for a vet check-up within 3 business days of receipt. Full refund or exchange will be made if the puppy is found to be unsound by a vet, during that 3 day window. A complete, written vet report is required.

*If a puppy is found to be unsound in hips, elbows, heart or eyes due to genetic defect, within the first 2 years of age, the puppy will be replaced by the breeder, or a full refund will be provided by the breeder for the puppy, upon owner request. A complete, written vet report is required.

*Should you have a question concerning your new puppy, please contact us at:

              or 931-237-0800.

*Should a Falkinburg Golden need to be re-homed, the pet shall be returned to Falkinburg Goldens. It may not be sent to a rescue, shelter, or testing facility, etc. Falkinburg Goldens will always have a home for your puppy if a new one is needed. No refund/payment on either side will be expected for this consideration.

*Falkinburg Goldens reserve the right to choose a puppy that we feel will best meet your needs and expectations. Our puppies are evaluated using the Volhard’s Puppy Aptitude Test. Through this screening and our observations, we will choose a lifelong friend for you and your family. Gender Preferences are considered, but not guaranteed.

I am aware of and in agreement with the following:

+Goldens need regular veterinary care, to include yearly vet check-ups, shots, parasite prevention, spaying/neutering, and first aide/medical care.

+Goldens are an investment of time, money and patience for 10-12+ years. New Golden Owners must consider/prepare for vet bills, food, vacation boarding, shots, equipment/gear; grooming, bathing, walking, potty training and training classes.

+A Golden requires training to produce a well-mannered, pleasant companion. Formal Obedience/Puppy Classes are required as part of this contract.  "Send away/boarded" Training Schools will NOT meet the requirements of the contract.  The puppy and owner must train together.  No electronic collars/devices may be used in this training.

+Goldens are puppies for at least THREE YEARS and behave accordingly!

+A $100.00 refund will be returned to the new owner, upon written proof of completion of an approved Puppy/Dog Beginning Obedience Course or attainment of the AKA CGC, within the first year.

+Goldens are large, active dogs that require daily exercise and supervision.

+Puppy Socialization is very important to a young dog.

+Safety considerations for a Golden include: transporting within a crate or with the use of a vehicle harness, never in an open truck bed; pets should be leased or confined to a fenced/safe area when not engaged; supervision around young children, other pets and small ingestible objects/toys is necessary; checking a Golden’s environment for dangers (poisonous plants and chemicals, escapable fencing, snakes, insects, etc.) is recommended.

+New Golden owners are encouraged take advantage of their puppy's registration with the American Kennel Club. Performance Events available include: Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Title, Obedience, Rally, Agility, Dock Diving, Trick Dog, Therapy Work, Barn Hunt, Scent Work, Field Work, etc.  

*AKC Registration of the puppy is transferred from Falkinburg Goldens to the new owner upon the meeting of three requirements: spay/neuter/mastectomy, micro-chipping, and successful completion of a Basic Obedience Class (above Puppy Class). Conformation Classes are not open to altered dogs.

The Golden Retriever Club of America is another club of merit, as well as your local Kennel Club.

+It is our sincere hope that you, as a future Golden owner, will enjoy years of companionship from your new friend!


  We are anticipating new litters in October of 2023.  Only serious inquiries please!

  Please note: if you do not get a response from your questionnaire within 3 days, please contact us at: 931-237-0800 or at: I can send you the Puppy Questionnaire via email. 

  Please send us a courtesy e-mail, to let us know if you have found a puppy elsewhere. We will take you off of our Puppy List, and wish you well with your new friend! Thank you!

            (Add any information that you feel will help us make a good placement.)



Phone Number


Members of the household



Why do you want a puppy?

Have you ever owned or do you currently own a dog? If so, describe your experiences with dogs.

Have you ever relinquished a pet to a shelter or a rescue, etc. If so, please explain.

What other pets are already in the household? Please list types, breeds and ages.

Describe your plans for your future Golden.

Are you interested in:

Do you have an enclosed, fenced yard? If so, what kind and how tall?

Please note: while we take your preference into consideration, we cannot guarantee the gender of your new puppy. Do you prefer a :

Select an option

Where will the Golden spend most of his/her day?

Where will he/she sleep at night? Do you plan to crate train?

How do you plan to exercise your Golden?

How will your Golden be cared for when you are away for an extended period?

Would you be able to visit to meet us and our dogs?

Do you have a current vet? If so, please list their name and number. Please give them permission for me to contact them as a reference.

Please provide references to include name, address and phone number.



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